Smart Rutherford

Smart Rutherford is a voice activated interactive link to your local government.

How does it work, you ask?

  • On an android device say "Hey Google" to activate your Google Assistant.
  • Then say "Talk to smart Rutherford".
  • Follow the directions to grant permissions on your phone.
  • Next say "what's my property value?" or “ what’s the value of( the address in which  you are interested) to find the assessed and appraised value for any property in Rutherford County Tennessee!
  • On Amazon Alexa say “Alexa, Open Smart Rutherford”
  • Then follow the directions to get the information you need.

Here is a video of it being demonstrated Learn how to use Smart Rutherford

To use the Smart Rutherford Chatbot function on your desktop computer use the chat on the right of this page.

Promo :   Smart Rutherford Demo