Real Property


 Duty of the Property Assessor

The Property Assessor is charged with identifying and valuing all property, real or personal, within the county. 

This includes:

  • Appraising real estate for assessment purposes

  • Tracks changes in ownership, addresses and property boundaries

  • Is required by state law to verify certain information on real estate sales with buyer or seller

  • Appraises and assesses business personal property (furniture, fixtures, machinery and equipment)

  • Responds to requests for public information 

 Reappraisal and Property Values

Rutherford County performs a state mandated reappraisal every 4 years in order to bring property values to current market values. The best indicator of current market value is qualified (willing buyer and willing seller) prior year sales, which the Assessor’s Office uses to determine reappraisal values.

The reappraisal process consists of 3 years of monitoring and review and value calculation in the 4th year. During the review period every parcel in the county is inspected to ensure the Property Assessor’s records correctly reflect what is actually on the property. Records may be adjusted due to additions, new buildings, demolition or error correction. During the 4th year of reappraisal, properties are grouped together by property characteristics (size, quality and location). Recent sales within those groups are collected and analyzed. The information is reconciled and values are applied to each group.

After the values have been calculated and assigned, property owners are notified by mail of their new values. Once property owners receive their new Notice of Valuation they may then start the Appeal Process if they disagree with their new value.