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BPP amend deadline




Tangible Personal Property Schedule

Online Filing is now CLOSED for 2023

       Our drop box located outside the County Office Building at 319 N. Maple St., is still available for dropping off!


 Check out our form for "Historic Cemeteries" in Rutherford County. Check under the Forms tab on the left side of the screen and select "All Forms". The Historic Cemeteries Form is on that list. This form will help to identify and find any cemeteries in Rutherford County that may have previously gone unnoticed. To verify if a Cemetery has already been identified here in Rutherford County, Please click here.


2022 Reappraisal Year

Please see our presentation on Property Values and Revaluation for Year 2022! 

2022 Revaluation and Equalization of Property Values




More coming soon!