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Real Property

County taxes are payable at the Trustee’s Office, located at the Historic Courthouse in Murfreesboro Public Square, online at, or by phone at 615-898-7705. Payable from 10/1/2022-2/28/2023. Murfreesboro City taxes can be paid at City Hall, online at, or by phone 615-893-5210. Payable from 10/1/2022-12/31/2023. La Vergne City taxes can be paid at La Vergne City Hall, online at, or by phone at 615-793-6295. Payable from 10/1/2022-2/28/2023. Smyrna and Eagleville City taxes have been combined on one bill with the county taxes this year. See above information on county tax payment information.


Each home in Rutherford County is physically measured by an appraiser. Measurements are taken of the entire perimeter of the house from the outside of the exterior covering (i.e., brick, siding, etc.). All living areas (areas that are heated and cooled) are included in the total square footage shown on the property card. Areas that are not living space (i.e., attached garages, open porches, etc.) are measured and recorded but are not included in the total square footage in our records.


Property values established by the Assessor’s Office are calculated every 4 years during reappraisal. These values remain the same for 4 years until the next reappraisal except in the case of additions, new construction, demolition, or corrections of error.


Contact the Assessor’s Office to verify the information on your property is correct in the assessor’s records. If all information is correct your next step is to begin the appeal process starting with the Rutherford County Board of Equalization which meets June 1st of every year.


Your property should be viewed at least once every four years by the Assessor’s Office staff. Your property could be viewed more than once in the event of additions, demolitions, Greenbelt applications, etc.


The records in the Assessor’s Office are relevant as of January 1 for any given tax year. When property is transferred after January 1st of a tax year the ownership records do not change until the following year.


Fill out the Change of Address Form for either Residential or Commercial Properties and return the original to the Assessor’s Office.


The term “Greenbelt” refers to Tennessee’s Agricultural, Forest, and Open Space Land Act of 1976, (commonly referred to as the “Greenbelt Law” or “Greenbelt Program”). This law provides for the assessment of agriculture, forest, and open space lands for tax purposes based on present use value rather than current market value for similar properties. Information on application procedures, requirements and limitations can be found under the Greenbelt Section.


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